Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Poised to Survive “Sequestered” Budget Cuts (T4America)
  • Amtrak Test Expected to Match U.S. Speed Record in Preparation for HSR Plans (Baltimore Sun)
  • U.S. DOT Extends Comment Period Due to Overwhelming Response (Keep It Coming!) (TID)
  • The Economist: Are We Already at “Peak Car”?
  • Happy Birthday, Critical Mass! (KQED)
  • I’m An A**hole Bike Rider But You Hate Me Because of Your Own Illogical Mind (Slate)
  • California Lawmakers Don’t Even Blink Before OK’ing Self-Driving Google Cars (Bay Citizen)
  • Cafe Owner Spends $20K to Clean Up Vacant Lot, Philly Gets Mad (AP, Atlantic Cities)
  • Somebody Reasonable Debates Randal O’Toole on the Future of MARTA in Atlanta (AJC)
  • Maryland Toiling Away at Smart Growth Plans (Gazette)
  • Bike Sharing and Parking Come Standard With Office Space From This Philly Developer (Inquirer)
  • Look Closely and See Signs of a Comeback in Downtown Detroit (FastCoDesign)

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