Today’s Headlines

  • Congress Goes Back and Forth About Transpo Funding, Leaves Town (Transpo Issues Daily)
  • Remember When Infrastructure Investment Was Bipartisan? What Happened? (Transpo Nation)
  • How John Mica Pulled Off the Impossible and Failed Miserably (DC Velocity) (*See corrections)
  • MAP-21’s Silver Lining: Local Control Over Bike/Ped Funds (Politico)
  • Walkable Urbanism in the Sterile Suburbs Is No Kind of Urbanism at All (Salon)
  • High-Speed Rail Showdown: Orski vs. Schank (WSJ)
  • An Ethical and Mathematical Plea to Save School Busing (Ann Arbor Chronicle)
  • Architects Don’t Know Anything About Cities, Even When They Design Them (Guardian)
  • If China Is the Epicenter of Bicycle Culture, Why Is Hong Kong So Far Behind? (
  • More Cars Create Pressure for Indonesia to Build More Places for Them to Drive (Jakarta Globe)
  • The Next 2.3 Billion People in the World Will Live in Cities — Here’s Where (Nature)

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