Today’s Headlines

  • Transit Needs to Be at the Table As MAP-21 Is Implemented (Passenger Transport)
  • Why Does It Cost So Much to Build Transit In the U.S.? (Bloomberg)
  • Privately Run High-Speed Rail Is Possible in Florida and Texas (Yes, Texas!) (Planetizen)
  • Most Transit Driver Assaults Go Unreported (CBC)
  • The Next Generation of DIY Urbanism Projects Is Cooler Than Parklets (Atlantic Cities)
  • Another Reason Behind Young People’s Preference For Urban Living and Transit? (Atlantic Cities)
  • Here’s Some Data! (Transpo Nation, BTS)
  • Awesomeness: Surgeon, Stuck in Traffic, Abandons Car and Rides Pink Kid-Sized Bike to Hospital (Grist)
  • Hurricane Isaac Devastates Haiti, But Way More Importantly, It Might Raise Gas Prices! (The Hill)