Today’s Headlines

  • CBO: Romney’s Drilling Plan Wouldn’t Actually Yield That Much Energy (WaPo)
  • New York Times: Republicans Should Be Improving Amtrak, Not De-funding It
  • Don’t Subsidize Renewables; Tax Carbon Instead (Forbes)
  • Will Georgia Lawmakers Buckle on Penalty For T-SPLOST Rejectors? (Athens Banner-Herald)
  • Nebraska Will Spend Its Trails Funding; Iowa Is Still Deciding (Omaha World-Herald)
  • Announcement on Detroit Light Rail Coming Soon (Freep)
  • Small Urban Parks Make a Big Difference in Public Health (Grist)
  • Even Republican, Gas-Guzzling Texans Are Turning Toward Walkable Communities (Caller Times)
  • Locking Phones, Talking Cars: Technology Correcting For Really Bad Driving (Salon, Courier-Post)
  • Want to Reduce Cycling Fatalities? Ride More. (Wausau Daily Herald)
  • People Need to Be Taught How to Ride the Bus (KXAN)
  • Maryland Tragedy Highlights That Railroad Tracks Are a Dangerous Hangout For Teens (WaPo)

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