Today’s Headlines

  • Derrick Jackson: Boston Needs to Muster the Will to Adopt Congestion Pricing (Globe)
  • U.S. Auto Industry Predicts Return to Pre-Crash Size By 2016 (NYT Mag)
  • After T-SPLOST Defeat, Georgia Gov Focuses on Interchange Project, Rules Out New Rail Funding (AJC)
  • This Fall, Houstonians Can Vote to Actually Spend All Transit Tax Dollars on Transit (Texas Watchdog)
  • When Transit Taxes Don’t Buy Everything That Was Promised — Lessons From Miami (TransportPolitic)
  • There’s a Growing Number of Young Couples in Search of Walkability in the Twin Cities (Star Trib)
  • With Drivers Feeling More Pain at Pump, GOP Revives Fantasy That Obama Controls Gas Prices (Hill)
  • Central Ohio Finds Money to Expand Transit Service Now That New Casinos Are Opening (AP)