Today’s Headlines

  • Bus-Only Lanes + Bike-Share = War on Cars in DC? (NPR)
  • To Attract the Creative Class, Atlanta Should Follow Portland and Build the Streetcar (AJC)
  • Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Asks for Some Love for MARTA Ahead of Transpo Vote (AJC)
  • Transpo Bill Will Keep Ours Kids on Leashes, Hurt Cities (Salon)
  • New Jersey: Get Rid of the Self-Serve Ban, Raise the Gas Tax, and Fix Your Bridges (Slate)
  • Will Indiana Let Its Counties Vote on a Transit Tax? (IndyStar)
  • Fresno and Bakersfield HSR Station Design Make a Mess of Bike/Ped Access (Systemic Failure)
  • How Sprawl Aggravates Drought (Switchboard)
  • DetroitNews Op-ed Confuses Livable Urban Amenities With Suburbanism
  • “Measles Map” Shows the Sprawl that’s Driving the Columbia River Crossing (Blue Oregon)
  • The Last Carmageddon Was No Big Deal But This One Will Totally Suck If We Don’t Panic (LAT)
  • More Proof Kids Today Just Aren’t That Into Driving (Journal of Traffic Injury Prevention via TNation)

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