Today’s Headlines

  • Ten Things You Need to Know About the MAP-21 Transportation Bill (T4America)
  • After All That, Mica Doesn’t Even Brag About Transpo Bill In Campaign Ad (The Hill)
  • Villaraigosa Got His America Fast Forward Program But It Still Won’t Fund LA Transit (LAT)
  • Most Transpo Programs Safe From Debt-Ceiling-Era Automatic Budget Cuts — But Not All (TID)
  • End the $1 Trillion Annual Subsidy for Carbon and Tax It Instead (Oil Price)
  • Atlanta Transpo Referendum: 52% Transit/48% Roads. Alternative: 100% Toll Roads (AJC)
  • A Call For Normal-Speed Rail on the Northeast Corridor (Delaware Online)
  • Roads Aren’t Subsidized As Much As Transit, But They Get a Boost From Bad Zoning (City Journal)
  • Wisconsin Pols Find New Reasons to Be Anti-Smart Growth: Agenda 21, Hysteria (Wisconsin Watch)
  • DC’s Southwest Eco-District Will Finally Heal the Wounds of Urban Renewal Gone Awry (Grist)
  • Do You Need Bicycle Insurance? (Gazette)

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