Today’s Headlines

  • Transpo Bill Includes Federal Oversight For Transit Safety (Examiner)
  • Most Dem Conferees Wouldn’t Sign Off on Final Transportation Report (Politico)
  • Heritage and Club for Growth Are Scoring Vote on Transportation Bill (The Hill)
  • The Horrors of the Transportation Bill: Bike/Ped Edition (Bike Portland)
  • You’d Think he Subway Underneath the Capitol Would Warm Pols to Transit (Atlantic Cities)
  • Congress Rejects Even Studying VMT Tax Because of a Bunch of Half-Truths (Road Pricing)
  • Without Unanimous Consent, Senate Has to Wait For House Before Voting on Bill (The Hill)
  • Conference Report a Field Goal, Not a Touchdown (Transportation Nation)
  • High-Speed Rail Dream is Fading (Crosscut)
  • Brief History of Suburbs and Sprawl, According to Taras Grescoe’s “Straphanger” (Steven Can Plan)

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