Today’s Headlines

  • Reid: Dilly Dally Now, Work the Weekend (The Hill)
  • Three Possible Outcomes For Transportation Negotiations (Trans Issues Daily)
  • Why All the Hoopla for a “Milk-Toast Two-Year Bill”? (National Journal)
  • At Rio, Development Banks Commit to Major Lending Program for Sustainable Transport (Dot Earth)
  • The Economist: Sprawl Is Inevitable; Resistance Is Futile
  • Feds Reimburse Wisconsin For Money Spent on High-Speed Rail Plan (WAOW)
  • Do Cars and Buses Win Over Trains in Energy Efficiency? (Hawaii Reporter)
  • Even With a Deal Supposedly on the Horizon, Keystone Remains Sticking Point (Reuters)
  • The World: Don’t Change Oregon’s “Elegant” and “Exquisite” Gas Tax to VMT Fee