Today’s Headlines

  • Reid: I Don’t Think We’ll Need an Extension (ReutersThe Hill)
  • Pelosi: Holder Contempt Vote Is a Diversion From the Transportation Bill (The Hill)
  • TIGER Grants Announced: HoustonRaleighTampa Among the Winners
  • An Underutilized Pot of Bike/Ped Safety Funds: HSIP (Bike League)
  • How Will Automatic Budget Cuts, Triggered By Failed Debt Talks, Affect Domestic Programs? (WaPo)
  • Will NEPA Spell the End For California HSR? (Examiner)
  • Traffic Noise Might Give You a Heart Attack (Atlantic Cities)
  • “If You Live in Suburbia, You’re Much More Likely to Die in a Pool of Blood” (Lund Report)
  • iPavement: Will Staring At Your Phone Help You Engage With Your Surroundings? (Next American City)