Today’s Headlines

  • Lawmakers “Redouble Their Efforts” To Pass a Bill (AP)
  • Cities Lose Out in Transpo Bill Debate (Next American City)
  • Rep. Capuano: It Shouldn’t Be This Hard to Pass a Bill (Hill)
  • Despite Dangers, Republicans Still Don’t Want Federal Authority Over Transit Safety (Politico)
  • I Wish I Knew How to Quit You, Fossil Fuel Subsidies (WaPo)
  • Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference Kicks Off In New Orleans (New American City)
  • Harvard: Exurban Sprawl is the Wave of the Future, Despite All Evidence to the Contrary (Minyanville)
  • Arterial Roads Are More Dangerous Than Freeways (Bike Portland)
  • Is Your Office’s Dress Code Keeping You From Making Good Commuting Choices? (GGW)
  • Concerns About Crime Keep Urban Kids From Walking As Much As Suburban Counterparts (CBC)
  • 5 California Mayors Ask Gov. Brown For HSR Funds (Patch)
  • Milwaukee Refuses to Let Water Service Sprawl Outward (Journal Sentinel)
  • London Is Promoting Biking For Olympic Visitors (WaPo)

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