Today’s Headlines

  • A Friendly Reminder That Bike-Ped Still Isn’t Safe in Congress (LAB)
  • Harry Reid Would Fold Student Loan Interest Extensions Into Transpo Bill (Hill)
  • Boehner Floats Possibility of 6-Month Transpo Extension, to Boxer’s Chagrin (Reuters, WaPo)
  • Secretary LaHood: Distracted Driving at Level of National Epidemic (TranspoNation)
  • Houston Moves Forward With New Commuter Rail Line (Transpo Nation)
  • Vote for Your Favorite Bike Chicago PSA! (Grid Chicago)
  • What Can Be Done With a Run-of-the-Mill Parking Lot? (Next Am. City)
  • Chicago Gets Dyed Neon in City’s Largest Public Art Project (Atlantic Cities)