Today’s Headlines

  • Eric Cantor Prepares to Punt on Transpo Bill Yet Again (Trans. Issues Daily)
  • From a Mom: Take Safe Routes to School Off the Chopping Block (MNN)
  • Leinberger: Supply of Walkable Places Isn’t Keeping Up With Demand (NYT)
  • The Engineering Profession Is Stuck in the 1950s, Writes StrongTowns‘ Chuck Marohn
  • How Much Does it Cost to Move Into a More Walkable Neighborhood? (AtlanticCities)
  • The Truth About Renewable Energy: Cheap, Easy, Endless (Grist)
  • Pennsylvania (NPR) and Virginia (DP) Try to Get Serious About Transpo Funds Gap
  • Australian Report Links Sprawl to Food Security (Crikey!)
  • Turning Camden, NJ Into a Bicycle Town (Inqy)