Today’s Headlines

  • Week Three of Transportation Conference (The Hill)
  • Chamber: Congress Is “Afraid to Face the Issue of Where We Get the Revenue” (CSMonitor)
  • NACTO Wants Transit Operating Flexibility, Local Control, and What’s Left of TE (Trans Issues Daily)
  • Every Cyclist Counts Has Plenty of Data to Intrigue, Depress (Bike League)
  • Form-Based Code: The Sine Qua Non of TOD (Switchboard)
  • How Broward County, Florida Got Beyond the Hub and Spoke (Atlantic Cities)
  • The Densest Neighborhood South of NYC Got Density Wrong (Next American City)
  • There’s No Point In Posting a Low Speed Limit On a Highway-Like Street (GGW)
  • A Pigeon in Every Household: Why Two-Thirds of the World’s Bikes Are in Asia (WSJ)