Today’s Headlines

  • In Transpo Bill Negotiations, Harry Reid Draws the Line on Keystone Pipeline (Hill)
  • Transportation Issues Daily Says That Kills the Odds of a Transpo Bill in 2012
  • …But Divisions Within House GOP Are Holding Things Up as Well (Reuters)
  • 100 Years Ago, Jaywalking Didn’t Exist But ‘Technical Homicide’ Did (Atlantic Cities)
  • Exceptions to Maryland’s Three-Foot Passing Law Baffle Cyclists, Drivers (Washcycle)
  • Majority of Houstonians Want More Tax Revenue for Transit, Less for Highways (Chron)
  • T&I Chair Mica’s Primary Challenger Calls Him ‘All That Went Wrong’ With GOP (Sentinel)
  • NRDC’s Kaid Benfield: Smart Growth Is a Start, But It’s Not Enough
  • Governor Romney Was Pro-City, Anti-Sprawl (BostInno)