Today’s Headlines

  • Bike/Ped Survives House’s “Dirty” Extension (Bike League)
  • Who Will Blink on the Keystone Amendment? (Transpo Issues Daily)
  • HSR Not an Effective Use of California’s Climate Change Mitigation Dollars (WaPo)
  • Emanuel: No More Dickering on Infrastructure Trust (Chicago Sun-Times, HuffPo)
  • Outrageously Wrong: County Supe Calls Transit Sales Tax “Gang Rape” (LAT)
  • Combustion Emissions Kill 19,000 Prematurely in UK (Treehugger)
  • Transit Worker Gets Punished For Good Deed: Giving Unused Tickets to Needy Kid (SacBee)
  • The Catch-22 That Happens When Cities Choose Bikes (Treehugger)
  • Yellowstone Sans Traffic: Bike-Only Season in America’s Most Unique Landscape (Billings Gazette)
  • Dense New Jersey’s Anti-Density Zoning Laws Impact Education Equity (TNR)
  • A Detailed Study of How Cycletracks Affected Bike and Car Traffic in D.C. (GGW)

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