Today’s Headlines

  • Three Years After the Housing Bubble Burst, People Still Shunning the Exurbs (USA Today, NYT)
  • U.S. DOT Gets 20 Times More TIGER Applications Than It Can Fund (Fast Lane)
  • A Reminder, in the Middle of Congressional Recess, How Bad This Mess Really Is (TSTC)
  • Could Cap-and-Trade Revenues Fund California’s Rail Line? (BusinessWeek)
  • The 99% Take to the Streets For Public Transit (Open Salon, Examiner)
  • Evil Obama Conspires With Saudis to Manipulate Oil Prices For Political Gain, Says Trump (The Hill)
  • “The Age of Climate-Friendly, Smart-Growth Regionalism Has Begun in Southern CA” (CP&DR)
  • DC’s Breakthrough System Dwarfed By Bike-Share in a Virginia Shipyard (FABB)
  • Maryland Gas Tax Hike Doesn’t Stand a Chance, Says House Speaker (Examiner)

Streetsblog will be on a light publishing schedule today.