Today’s Headlines

  • Broad Coalition Leaning on Congress to Pass Transportation Bill (Hill)
  • Senate Bill Improves, But Crucial Vote Looms (T4A)
  • Reid Seems Pessimistic Republicans Will End Filibuster, Allow Bill to Reach Vote (Hill)
  • Inhofe: GOP Afraid of Needed Transportation Spending (TulsaWorld)
  • States Increasingly Looking to a Gas Tax Increase to Fund Transportation Infrastructure (WaPo)
  • National Journal¬†Transportation Experts Weigh In on the Transportation Bill
  • UC Berkeley Study Finds Cellphone Restrictions on Drivers Saves Lives (NCTimes)
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Highways in American Cities (NRDC)
  • Problem with Chicago Mayor’s Infrastructure Bank Idea: Lack of Transparency (SunTimes)
  • Celebrating Urban Community Through Infographics (Good)

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