Today’s Headlines

  • Long-term Transportation Bill Facing Detour After Detour (Politico)
  • Santorum: High Gas Prices to Blame for ’08 Mortgage Crisis (Hill)
  • Senate Transportation Bill LaHood’s Clear Favorite: “Take Politics Out of Transportation” (WaPo)
  • LaHood Honks at Motorists on the Phone (WTOP)
  • US Mayors Throw Their Weight Behind Transportation Infrastructure Yet Again (JAXDaily)
  • CNN: More People Going By Bike to Avoid the Gas Pump
  • Residents Organize to Bring Walkability Back to Old Houston Neighborhood (TranspoNation)
  • Wisconsin’s Smart Growth Legislation at Risk (Channel3000)
  • If You Drive a Hummer, Don’t Complain About Gas Prices (Treehugger)