Today’s Headlines

  • T4America Coalition Announces Opposition to House Energy and Transportation Bill
  • Nadler: House Bill Is “the Worst Transportation Bill I Have Seen in My 19 Years in Congress” (Hill)
  • Rural School Proud of Its Walk to School Program That Would Not Be Funded By GOP Today (HeraldExtra)
  • Boehner Bike Path Is “Baloney” (League of American Bicyclists)
  • Looking for Awesome Transit? Follow the Money. Or, Visit Guadalajara (MNN)
  • Georgia Realtors Rally for Transportation Referendum (AtlantaRealEstate)
  • What Car Culture Does to Our Children (NYT)
  • Mapping DC’s ‘Bike Shop Deserts’ – and Cupcake Epicenters (Washington City)
  • Walk Past a Bike Theft? You’re on Candid Camera! (BritishCycling)