Today’s Headlines

  • Facebook‘s in the Dash, Now Android Could Be in the Rear-View Mirror (AutoBlog)
  • The 1 Percent Versus the 99 Percent, Road Safety Edition (T4America)
  • Dwight Graves, Who Supported Raquel Nelson in Court, Is Dead at 64 (Journal-Constitution)
  • Hippest Bike Cities, as Ranked by Craigslist and Normalized for Population (Cyclelicious)
  • The Hartford Courant’s Tom Condon: Smart Growth Means Economic Development
  • And One UC Irvine Professor Explains Why Smart Growth Is Healthy Growth (SB Sun)
  • More Fuel Efficient Cars Spell Less Money for Mass Transit (Triple Pundit)
  • Slate Reviews Jarrett Walker’s New Book, “Human Transit”
  • Two Investors Want Politics Taken Out of Infrastructure (Politico)
  • Sunday Marks the 100th Anniversary of First Train to Key West (Miami Herald)
  • Tom

    Hippest Bike Cities: See Anchorage, see Lincoln, see Chico.  No see NYC.  More Hips than Bikes?

  • @Tom – I think the fixed gear fad may have faded in Williamsburg, while it’s the latest thing to hit Nebraska.  Just sayin.