Today’s Headlines

  • Can Amtrak Ever Be Profitable? Experts Weigh In. (Freakonomics)
  • Florida’s East Coast Excited at Prospect of Returning Train Service (News-Journal)
  • Is Sustainability For Commies? (The Naked City)
  • New System Uses Radar to Detect Bicycles at Intersections (Wired)
  • Former Gov Rendell Urges Cities to Invest in Transportation (Times-Union)
  • Kansas City Mayor Lining Up Support For Streetcar (KC Star)
  • New Jersey Bucks Trend, Sees More Vehicle Deaths in 2011 (TSTC)
  • Virginia Governor Approves $150 Mil For Dulles Airport-DC Rail (Fairfax Times)
  • …But Northern Virginia Leaders Say the State Still Isn’t Taking Funding Seriously (WAMU)
  • Toronto Planning Study Recommends Pedestrian-Only Streets (Star)
  • Other headlines:

    Can Clean Air Ever Be Profitable? Not Really. No.

    Public Education Functions at a Loss Despite History of Government Subsidies

    Asthma, Cancer, and Diabetes Report Record Profits for 2011

    Department of Defense Reports Worst Losses Ever Despite Government Bailouts. Economists Advise Ending Program.

    Can Oil, Corn and Ethanol Subsidies Ever Be Profitable? Why, Yes!

    Financial Analysts Advise Closing Down All Roads Requiring Socialist Government Handouts to Function

    Can Libraries, Police Departments and Fire Departments Ever Be Profitable?  Economists Advise Elimination

    Congestion and Pollution Still Lack Profit Margin But Investors Advised to Stay Course

    Banks Provide Social Good, Must Be Subsidized Economists Claim

    Can Climate Change Be Profitable? Experts Weigh In on Opportunities in Famine, Flooding, Climate Engineering, and Disease