Today’s Headlines

  • Iowa-Centric Candidates Ignoring Urban Issues (Salon) and Transportation (Politico)
  • Are More Temporary Extensions of Transportation Bills Inevitable? (National Journal)
  • Romney’s Last Words Before Caucus Were Railing Against Amtrak (TranspoNation)
  • Republican Presidential Candidates Weren’t Always Anti-HSR (NYTimes)
  • Missouri’s Refusal to Adopt New Safety Standards Could Cut Them Off From Highway Fund (KCStar)
  • Sprawl Is Costing Florida Hundreds of Millions (FL Independent)
  • San Francisco Determined to Boost Transit, Biking and Walking to 50 Percent By 2010 (SFGate)
  • Panel Says California Should Not Authorize Bond Money for HSR; Backers Lash Out (LATimes)
  • Boston Transit Fares Could Rise 43 Percent, With Cuts to Bus, Rail and Ferry (Boston Globe)
  • In Nevada, Driving Deaths Downs, Pedestrian Fatalities Up (8NewsNow)
  • How the Dutch Got Their Cycle Paths (HuffPo)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Read the Chronicle article: SF wants to reduce car commutes to 50% by 2020, not 2010.  Not that they say that literally, but you can deduce that when Rachel Gordon indicates in a 2012 article that they will accomplish this by the end of the decade.

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