Today’s Headlines

  • Cities Struggle as U.S. Cuts Block Grants Program (NYT)
  • Secretary LaHood Steers Clear of Hands-Free Phone Debate (Hill)
  • LaHood, Salazar Tout TIGER Improvements to St. Louis Arch Area (St. Louis Beacon)
  • Maryland to Offer Preferential Funding for Smart Growth (Transpo Nation)
  • Alan Kandel at California Progress Report Offers HSR Resolutions for 2012
  • Colorado Supreme Court to Hear Bike Ban Case (Cyclelicious)
  • Detroit Is In Underdrive,” Says Richard Layman at Rebuilding Place in Urban Space
  • Iowa’s Gov. Barnstad: Gas Tax Will Rise, But Not Right Now (Cedar Rapids Gazette)
  • Video: Mitt Romney Talks About Infrastructure Some More (YouTube)