Ohio DOT Warns Kids, Via Hilarious Optimus Prime Rap: Don’t Speed (?!?)

Uh, oh. Someone at the Ohio Department of Transportation has been making safety videos under the influence of who knows what.

Check out this cheaply-produced rap video, starring Transformer Optimus Prime, warning kids to … (drum roll, please) … drive safely.

Hey, ODOT, speeding is bad. But I have news for you: Kids don’t drive! They walk and ride bikes.

Maybe there’s a safety message you could provide about safely crossing the street or wearing bike helmets? Or does that violate your policy of only officially acknowledging car transportation?


Why Do We Put the Onus for Traffic Safety on Kids?

.@NTSB Vice Chairman: Practice safe walking behavior. Stay alert, walk on sidewalks, cross at crosswalks. #NationalWalkToSchoolDaypic.twitter.com/TWRChfTdcZ — NTSB (@NTSB) October 5, 2016 It’s Walk-to-School Day, a day when children all over the country get to enjoy the simple experience of traveling somewhere using their own power. It makes me happy because I love seeing the pictures of kids […]