Today’s Headlines

  • Funding Rejected by GOP Governors Keeps Obama’s HSR Plans on Track (Hill)
  • LaHood: Passage of Transportation Bill Critical to Job Creation (Journal Star)
  • DOT Bans Use of Hand-Held Devices for Commercial Drivers (Landline)
  • Reviving the Urbanized, Habitable Bridge (Next American City)
  • Would Fewer But Heavier Trucks Be Safer and More Fuel Efficient? (FOX)
  • The Hummer Returns!? Could Obama’s Fuel Standards Bring Back the SUV? (TreeHugger)
  • The Fringe Suburb is Dead (NYTimes)
  • Looking Back on 2011 for Bikes Makes Grist Wheely Wheely Thankful
  • Study: Answer to California’s Energy Crisis is Easy! E-Cars and More Power Plants! (Cyclelicious)
  • Innovative Polish Subway Trains Recycle Kinetic Energy (Earth & Industry)
  • Put to a Vote, Controversial $5.5 Billion Rail Project Wins in Germany (BostonGlobe)
  • Anonymous

    Regarding heavier trucks (which is only a way to reduce the number of Teamsters with a job): We already have heavy trucks, only we call them trains.
    Also, where do you think potholes come from?  Overloaded trucks.