Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood Warns Super Committee Failure Will Hit Transportation Programs (JOC)
  • Does the User Pays Model Still Hold Up for Transportation? (National Journal)
  • Connecticut to Get First Inter-City BRT (Transpo Nation)
  • Fuel-Efficiency Targets Good for Americans, the Economy (Hill)
  • New Questions About China’s HSR Crash (BBC)
  • Small Non-Profit in Northern Montana Gives Rural Region North Central Montana Transit (T4A)
  • ‘No Handheld Devices’ While Driving Means No, Even at Stop Lights (NYT)
  • A New Vision for DC’s Abandoned Streetcar Tunnels (Atlantic Cities)
  • Washington State Voters Against Traffic Cameras, But Courts Still Get to Decide (Stateline)
  • Paint Makes a Big Difference for Pedestrians in DC (GGW)

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