Today’s Headlines

  • Transportation Industry Lobby Supports GOP for 2012 (TBD)
  • Five Myths About Your Gas Taxes (CNN)
  • How Green Is High Speed Rail? Very (CNN)
  • Is Any American City Truly Ideal for Living Car-Free? (NRDC)
  • A Million More Expected to Travel This Year for Thanksgiving  (Hill)
  • Santa Monica, CA Opens Country’s Largest Bike Parking Center (Transportation Nation)
  • FL DOT Goes With Graphic Video to Reduce Bike/Ped Deaths (Fox)
  • Driving? Expect More and More Tolls, Especially in Northeast (Stateline)
  • Buses Are Miles Ahead on Green Transport Technology (GOOD)
  • Indiana Realtors Push for Better Transportation Options (Indianapolis Star)
  • You Could Save Up To $816 This Month Switching from Car to Transit (APTA)
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