Today’s Headlines

  • Mica Pledges to Block Proposed Rules to Limit Truckers’ Time on the Road (The Hill, TruckingInfo)
  • Rep. Cravaack, Who Ousted Oberstar, Wants to Block MN HSR Line His Predecessor Wanted (AP)
  • The Trans-Texas Corridor Debacle Is Going to Come Back to Haunt Rick Perry (Transpo Nation)
  • Are China’s HSR Safety Problems “Just a Small, Small Episode” Or a Major Setback? (NPR)
  • Obama Admin Delays Release of New Fuel Economy Rules — But Just Till November (Freep)
  • What’s Causing the Increase in Big-Box Vacancy? Expanded Broadband Access (Yglesias)
  • Villaraigosa Sees Transportation As Key to Job Creation in L.A. and the Country (Intersections)
  • ODOT Manager Explains How to Make a VMT Fee Friendly to the Private Sector (Bloomberg)
  • States Cut Staff, Capital Projects, Maintenance in Dire Economic Times (WaPo, Conway Daily Sun)
  • Controversial Marcellus Shale Project Could Be Approved to Help Pay State Transpo Costs (Post-Gazette)
  • First Lawsuit Filed in Columbia River Bridge Project (Post-Intelligencer)

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