Today’s Headlines

  • Communities Across the Country Hold “Don’t X Out Public Transit” Day of Action (PR Newswire, Tribune)
  • Republican Mayors Like Obama’s Jobs Plan — Republican Governors Don’t (WaPo)
  • Five Issues That Will Define the Transportation Debate (Politico)
  • The Infrastructure Bank, Explained (WaPo)
  • Virginia May Start Tolling On Its Stretch of I-95, An Exception to the No-New-Tolls Rules (LAT)
  • In a Twist, Coburn Accuses Reid of Holding the FAA Hostage to Transportation Enhancements (The Hill)
  • Happy Birthday, Capital Bike-share! Who Knew You’d Grow Up to Be This Awesome? (Bike League)
  • Californians Demand Higher Gas Tax For Better Roads (SJ Mercury)
  • Is MA Gov. Patrick Walking the Walk? Nah, He’d Rather Drive It (CBS)
  • Decades After Highways Destroyed a Black Portland Neighborhood, a Bikelash (Atlantic Cities)
  • Audi Uses Poor Infrastructure Maintenance to Sell Cars (Transpo Issues Daily)
  • What Is “Shovel Ready”? Infrastructurist Evaluates Ideas For the Next Round of Spending


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