Today’s Headlines

  • Amtrak To Hit 30 Million Passenger Milestone as Congress Aims to Cut Funding 60% (Baltimore Sun)
  • Looking Back on 40 Years of American Politics and Passenger Rail (NewsObserver)
  • Drive Less, Pay Less on Car Insurance: Pay-As-You-Go Plans on the Rise (FoxBusiness)
  • ARRA Keeps On Going: $700M in Infrastructure Funding Last Month (Journal of Commerce)
  • Jobs Bill Includes $4B for HSR, Delaware Hoping for New Amtrak Facility (Delaware Online)
  • The Challenge for Jobs Act: Can GOP Support Bill If It Means Success for President? (ThinkProgress)
  • Greater Greater Washington on How to Make Cities Greener
  • New FHWA Guidelines for Rumble Strips Worry People Who Ride Bicycles (BikeLeague)
  • American Progress Remembers 85% of Current Republican Reps Once Voted for Stimulus