Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Preparing to Push Congress on Transportation Bills (The HillReuters)
  • Progressives Call on Obama to ‘Go Big’ in Jobs Bill (HuffPo)
  • Somebody Tell GOP Leader Eric Cantor: Bike-share is Transportation (TBD)
  • The Reason PlanMaryland Angers Local Government Is Also Why It is Important (Infrastructurist)
  • Some See Bike Lanes as Expressways to Gentrification (Shareable)
  • NJ Trains Back on Track As Floods Begin to Recede (Bloomberg)
  • Ford Partners with Zipcar to Expand Carshare Across University Campuses (NYT)
  • Arizona Joins States Cautiously Optimistic for Promised Federal Transportation Dollars (StatePress)
  • Mayoral Candidate Wins Race for Fastest Way to Get Across San Francisco – on a Bicycle (SFGate)