Today’s Headlines

  • Amtrak Steams Ahead with Plans for HSR Despite GOP Calls for Privatization (TheHill)
  • Florida DOT Apologizes to Transit Board for Secret Plans to Dissolve It (Palm Beach Post)
  • Common Sense Success Story: Hawkeye Express Makes It Easier, Faster to Get to Iowa Games (GGW)
  • Another Study Showing Bike Lanes Good for Everyone, Even Motorists (Globe & Mail)
  • Arizona Concerned Transportation Waffling in DC Will Jeopardize Planned Projects (AZCentral)
  • Chicago’s Active Transportation Alliance Launches Riders for Better Transit (Chicago Tribune)
  • Study: 85 Percent of Canadians Have Never Tried Transit Or Bicycling to Work (CBC)
  • Parked in the Bike Lane? Lithuania Mayor Says Tanks Will Roll Again! (Transportation Nation)