Today’s Headlines

  • Study: Cycling Is a £3 Billion Boost to UK Economy (Guardian)
  • FTA Grants Are Improving Bike-Ped Access to Transit Stations (Bike League)
  • Recessions Make Drivers Safer, Decrease Crashes Per Mile (WaPo)
  • Failure to Renew Gas Tax Could Be Disastrous for California (Mercury)
  • Study: Worse Than No Red Light Cameras? Removing Them. (Transportation Nation)
  • An Introduction to Effective, Creative Gas Station Retrofits (PatternCities)
  • Forbes Argues Against an Infrastructure Bank, Claims It Would Be ‘Political Slush Fund’
  • Huntsman Dismisses Bachmann’s Promise to Lower Gas Prices to Under $2 (The Hill)
  • August 22, 1902: Theodore Roosevelt Inaugurates the Presidential Motorcade Era (NYT)