Today’s Headlines

  • Gas Tax Set to Be Next Big Fight on Capitol Hill (The Hill)
  • Obama Proposes New Fuel Efficiency Standards for Trucks (FastLane)
  • Sherrod Brown Files Legislation for a National Infrastructure Bank (WKRC)
  • America Has 30 Percent Fewer Trains Than We Pay For (ThinkProgress)
  • Seattle Mayor Supports New Driver Fees to Pay for Local Transit (Ballard News-Tribune)
  • Florida DOT Wants To Build More Roads, Toll Them, and Take Over Regional Rail (Ocala, Sentinel)
  • Transportation Nation Breaks Down the Anatomy of a Toll Hike in NY
  • Cost Estimates Up for California High Speed Rail, Reports Say Worth It in Long Run (FresnoBee)
  • China Subway, ADIDAS Offer Commuters Punching Bags to Relieve Stress (TreeHugger)