Today’s Headlines

  • House Considers Deep Cuts to EPA Budget, Including the Smart Growth Office (SGA)
  • Equipment Manufacturers’ Revenue Proposal Is a Road Gang Member’s Dream (AEM, Infrastructurist)
  • Will Congress Pass a Transportation Bill in September? Or Will the Government Shut Down? (Roll Call)
  • Undocumented Immigrants Finding It Harder to Get Drivers Licenses (StateLine)
  • Transportation Is a Civil Rights Issue (Wired)
  • Capital Bikeshare Just Keeps On Growing (Examiner)
  • Decision to Bar Bikeshare From the National Mall Draws Fire From Congress (GGW)
  • Barred From Charging Parents, School Outsources Private Buses, Which Charge Parents (6 News)
  • British National Plan Accused of Usurping Local Control and, Ironically, Promoting Sprawl (Guardian)
  • A 7-Step Plan For Legalizing Smart Growth (Switchboard)
  • Houston Challenge: Go Car-Free For a Month (Transportation Nation)
  • Very Young and Very Old Cyclists Most at Fault in Crashes (Brisbane Times)

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