Today’s Headlines

  • Gang of Six Debt Plan Would Stabilize Highway Trust Fund, Not Change Gas Tax (Politico, AJC)
  • Study: Young People Want Bike, Pedestrian, and Transit Options (Transpo Nation)
  • Should the Dulles Metro Station Be Under or Above Ground? (Wash Times)
  • Florida SunRail Gets Official Go-Ahead to Build (News-Journal)
  • One-Hundred-Thirty-Two More Reasons to Ditch the Car (Public Opinion)
  • Smart Growth: A New American Export? (NRDC)
  • Minnesota Avoids Brutal Transportation Cuts for Now (MPR)
  • Atlanta-Area Prosecutors Load Blame on Mother Whose Child Was Killed by Driver (T4America)
  • National Park Service Implies Bikes Are Un-American (GGW)
  • As Temperatures Soar, Look Out for Exploding Pavement (WQAD)
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    The Public Opinion link isn’t working.