Today’s Headlines

  • AFL-CIO and Chamber of Commerce United Against Mica’s Transportation Bill (The Hill)
  • Study Finds 1 in 4 Crashes Caused By Distraction, Recommends National Texting Ban (Reuters)
  • Senators Agree On Terms For Immediate End to Ethanol Subsidies (WaPo)
  • Report: Ohio Subsidized Sprawl for Business, Hurt the Urban Workforce (Plain Dealer)
  • New Rule Would Require Hybrids, EVs to Be Built With Special Pedestrian Alerts (Bloomberg)
  • NJ Dems Want LaHood, Christie to Resolve $251 Million ARC Tunnel Fight (
  • Chicago Area To Get Single Transit Fare Card By 2015 (BusinessWeek)
  • Cellphones to Replace Parisians’ Transit Fare Cards (TelecomPaper)
  • Mimes Promote Safer Driving in Honduran Capital (CNN)