Today’s Headlines

  • Mica Defends $1.2 Billion Investment for Meager Returns of SunRail (NYT)
  • Eight Perspectives on Car Culture and Policy in Europe and the US (NYT)
  • More Research Shows We’ve Hit Peak Car Use (Treehugger)
  • ClimateWire Digs Into ITDP’s Report on BRT in the United States
  • Rep. Brown: Privatizing Amtrak Would Bankrupt Employee Retirement Funds (The Hill)
  • Obama Wants Cars to Get 56.2MPG By 2025 – But Can We Do It?  (Transpo Nation)
  • Bike Part Vending Machine and Fix-A-Flat Kiosk Comes to Minneapolis (GOOD)
  • Good Freight and Passenger Rail Systems Are Not Mutually Exclusive (Transport Politic)
  • How European Policies Are to Motivating People to Rethink Silly Car Trips (NYT)