Today’s Headlines

  • Republican Presidential Hopeful Pawlenty Wants to Privatize Amtrak (The Hill)
  • Public Pays the Price for Privatizing Infrastructure (Politico)
  • Google Robot Cars Would Promote Sprawl (Fast Company)
  • NRDC’s Kaid Benfield: City of Detroit isn’t Shrinking, ‘Right-size’ the Suburbs (Grist)
  • Corporations Realizing Best & Brightest Don’t Want to Work in Suburbs (The New Republic)
  • New Book Tells the Secret History of America’s Interstate Highway System (Infrastructurist)
  • DC Commuter Ferry Service Struggles to Stay Afloat (Washington Post)
  • Sprawl Lobby Still Trying to Make DC Look Like Houston (Greater Greater Washington)
  • China Set to Lap USA with High Speed Rail (Baltimore Sun)


The Suburbs Aren’t Dying — They’re Growing Differently

Cross-posted from the Frontier Group. Sommer Mathis said much of what needed to be said about the recent round of “the suburbs are back, baby!” stories on housing trends, including this analysis from Jed Kolko, housing economist at, and the related commentary from Matt Yglesias at Vox. Mathis argues that the concept of a battle for supremacy between cities and […]

Today’s McMansions, Tomorrow’s Tenements

This weekend’s must-read article is "The Next Slum?" by Christopher B. Leinberger in the Atlantic Monthly. He posits that the suburban American dream that was launched at the 1939 New York City World’s Fair appears to be running out of gas. Emerging in its place is the growing desire of many Americans to live in […]

Ohio Cities to State DOT: No More New Roads, Just Fix What We Have

Given that the federal Highway Trust Fund is broke and the Interstate Highway System is more or less complete, maybe — just maybe! — it doesn’t make sense to keep expanding highways. And if there’s one place in the country where it’s especially urgent to stop building more highways, it’s northeast Ohio. The combined metro areas of Akron, Cleveland, […]