Today’s Headlines

  • Metro Detroit Must Merge Bus Lines or Risk Millions (Detroit Free Press)
  • Rhode Island Joins States Wanting to Convert Crumbling Interstate to Toll Road (State Line)
  • The New Republic Picks Up on the New Study Showing Road Expansion Causes Traffic
  • New Law Increases Teleworking Among Federal Employees (WaPo)
  • CNU Inspires a Fresh Look at Ridesharing From the Transport Politic
  • ‘Elderburbia’ Unites Advocates for Elderly, Environment Against Sprawl in NY (Post-Standard)
  • Music Festivals Give Tennessee Taste of a Future Without Transit Investment (Tennessean)
  • Catch a Bus and a Cup of Coffee with Toronto’s Smartcard (The Star)
  • Downsizing State DOTs Means Less Citizen Representation Across Missouri (KSMU)