Today’s Headlines

  • Senate Refuses to Pass Oil-Related Bills from the Dems and the GOP (MoJo, The Hill)
  • If Six Lawmakers Can’t Agree On a Debt-Reduction Plan, How Will 535? (WaPo, WaPo)
  • Terry Bellamy Fills Gabe Klein’s Big Shoes at DDOT (WJLA, Housing Complex)
  • More on D.C.’s Meteoric Rise to Bike-Friendly Stardom (Smart Planet)
  • With High Gas Prices, Consumers Are Changing Their Habits… Just a Little (Time)
  • Ottawa Gets Modest Bixi System (PR Newswire)
  • WaPo Editorial: “California High-Speed Train Project Is Going Off the Rails”
  • Using Competitions to Encourage More Environmentally Sound Behavior (Grist)
  • Dallas Brings a Dead Plaza to Life — For a Day (Switchboard)
  • User Fees For Roads “Unfairly Target” Those Who Drive a Lot (Baltimore Sun)
  • Which Cities Are “Nice to Visit But…” And Which Cities Do We Really Want to Live In? (FT)
  • Tom

    About time you picked up on the FT article.  Truth hurts.