Today’s Headlines

  • GOP Demands Trillions — Not Billions — in New Budget Cuts in Exchange for Debt Ceiling Vote (WaPo)
  • Wisconsin Gets Rejected for Federal Rail Funds It Once Rejected (Journal Sentinel)
  • Administration Asserts “For Now, Riding Trains is Safe” Amid Calls for Tightened Security (The Hill)
  • Blumenauer’s Commuter Relief Act Would Add Equity for Non-Drivers (BikePortland)
  • Obama Transportation Bill Preceded By Green Transpo Postage Stamp Release (Alt Transport)
  • The Best Way to Beat $4 Gas? Don’t Drive So Much. (HuffPo)
  • Sec. LaHood Will Intervene in Dulles Rail Cost Dispute (Examiner)
  • Anti-“Sprawl-Mart” Activist Says Retail and Residences Don’t Mix (Akron Beacon Journal)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Sure, not driving is the best way to save money that might otherwise be spent on gasoline. But tell that to the zillions of obese Americans who can’t even walk a half-mile to their local post office.

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