Today’s Headlines

  • Rep. Mica, NJ Transit Worry About Terrorist Retaliation on Public Transportation (The HillStar-Ledger)
  • House Could Vote on Three Bills This Week to Expand Oil Drilling (Switchboard)
  • LaHood Tells WV Transpo Conference He’s Still Betting on a Bill This Year (AP)
  • Sen. Rockefeller: Tax Cuts for the Rich or Safe Bridges and Adequate Rail? You Can’t Have Both.
  • Since You Can’t Solve Climate Change, Manage It with Infrastructure Investment, Carbon Tax (Grist)
  • Ugandans Fired Upon by Government Forces Over Walk-to-Work Protest (Al-Jazeera)
  • Bike-Share Shuttles Hundreds to Bin Laden Death Rally at the White House (GGW, Transpo Nation)
  • Energy Economist Says Oil Peaked in 2006, Bin Laden Death Brings Prices Down (Good, Land Line)
  • CA Considers Downgrading Rail to Slower Trains on Shared Tracks in Order to Speed the Process (AP)
  • Cash-Strapped Metro Says Nationals Should Pay for Late-Night Metro Service After Games (Examiner)
  • You Need to Be Rich to Rent in D.C. (Housing Complex)

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