Today’s Headlines

  • Unexceptional America: Fraying Infrastructure Threatens Our Future (Economist)
  • Gas Prices: Washington’s Newest Political Football (NYTimes)
  • We Can Drill All We Want and Gas Prices Will Hardly Budge (The Atlantic)
  • Meet the One Guy in DC Who Despises Capital Bikeshare (TBD)
  • Q & A with William Millar of the American Public Transportation Agency (Globe)
  • Once on the Brink, Amtrak Begins to Thrive (StarGazette)
  • App Shows Atlantans How a Transportation Tax Could Pay Off (Fresh Loaf)
  • FTA to New Jersey: Pay Up for Canceled ARC Tunnel Work (Transpo Nation)
  • Twitter Chooses Central City HQ While Facebook Opts for Suburbia (Grist)