Today’s Headlines

  • Boehner Considering Ending Tax Breaks for Oil Companies (The Hill)
  • State Proposals to Tax Electric Vehicles Send Mixed Signals About Govt Support for Fuel Economy (AP)
  • If You Can Look Past the Ode to Gov. Christie, Fox News Has a Point Here About Life Cycle Budgeting
  • Checking In With America’s New Angry Governors (NYT)
  • The Underlying Assumptions That Propped Up Sprawl Have Been Debunked. What’s Next? (The Atlantic)
  • One Analyst Says Gas Prices Are Peaking, Everybody Else Says Peak Oil Will Keep Them High (The Hill)
  • If You Want Transit to Thrive, Stop Restricting Density (and Height!) Near Stations (Yglesias)
  • Austin’s Inner Neighborhoods Are Losing Children, Schools Could Close (American-Statesman)
  • We Can’t Afford the Sprawl or the Wars That Car Dependency Gave Us (Grist)
  • Gentrification and Cupcake Guilt (Rustwire)
  • Kenney

    Politico is reporting that the Speaker (through his spokesperson) is backing away from those remarks. Oh well, it was a delightful surprise while it lasted…