Today’s Headlines

  • Florida Gov’s Lawyer Got a Key Fact Wrong In His Argument Against Rail (St. Petersburg Times)
  • FHWA Gives the Green Light to Green Bike Lanes — For Now (Bike Portland)
  • Why is the EPA, Lover of All Things Sustainable, Moving Its HQ to the Burbs? (Switchboard)
  • California Pols Want to Link HSR Line with Caltrain Line (Palo Alto Online)
  • Amtrak Starts a Neighborhood Watch Program for Train Safety (AP)
  • Disaster Turns Japanese to Bicycles As a Way to Get Around When the Trains Stop (NYT)
  • Kansas City’s Sprawling Ways Make Growing Old a Bitch (Pitch, KC Star)
  • D.C. Streetcar Will Bump Property Values Up $10-15 Billion (New Urban Network)
  • Avoiding Congestion By Making Smart Travel Choices? There’s an App for That (TheCityFix)
  • Right-Sizing Your City’s Supermarkets (Cooltown Studios)
  • Will London’s New Pedestrian Signs Get More People Walking? (This Big City)

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