Today’s Headlines

  • FHWA Announces New Bridge Safety Criteria (Fast Lane)
  • Is Amtrak the Right Entity to Build True HSR in the NEC? (National Journal)
  • Bus Design Standards to Make Room for Fatter Passengers (Bloomberg)
  • Japanese Automakers Resume Production Slowly (JOC)
  • Big Agriculture Fixing For a Fight Over CA High-Speed Rail (KCET)
  • Metro Weighs Options for Dulles Airport Train Connection — What Would You Do? (GGW)
  • Bike Advocates Pressure Illinois to Keep Data on “Dooring” Incidents (Tribune)
  • An App to Help Drivers Break the Law With Impunity (Baltimore Sun)
  • Finally, a Republican Governor Saying ‘Yes’ to Rail: Go Arizona! (KTAR)
  • Nebraskans Whose Land Was Taken for Rail Use Is Suing Over Trail Conversion (Forbes)
  • Opportunity: Grants Available for Bicycling Advocates (LAB)

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