Today’s Headlines

  • Oil Prices Rise as Allies Pummel Libya (Bloomberg)
  • Rhode Island, Connecticut Vie for HSR Funds (The Hill, Businessweek)
  • Context on Fukushima: Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal Hardly Safe Either (ProPublica)
  • Rep. Mica Expects Flat Transportation Funding in Next Bill (Mobilizing the Region)
  • Poll: Americans Give Obama High Marks for Protecting Environment (Gallup)
  • Metro to Entice Bike Commuters With Parking Upgrades (WaPo)
  • Australia: A Model for Overcoming Car Dependence? (Miller-McCune)
  • Contest: It’s Time to Redesign Metro’s Map (GGW)
  • Here’s a Look at the Future of Urban Transportation (NAC)
  • Mad for Trains (T4America)

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