President Obama Signs Transportation Extension

The House passed it 421-4, the Senate passed by voice vote, and now President Obama has signed the Surface Transportation Extension Act. The entire transportation program would have gone silent today if he hadn’t, since the previous extension was to expire.

Transportation officials welcomed the news, saying the extension would allow construction projects to move forward and workers to keep working. But they didn’t take their eye off the ball: advocates say this was a necessary measure, but they don’t want another extension. They want a new multi-year transportation authorization. The administration and key members of Congress have said they plan to get it done before the August recess.

  • Williamconnors

    becuase of this transportation bill being passed my work was forced to close its supposed to be helping make jobs but they put a tobacco clause in  it which made my work be forced to lay off all its employees obama thanks for not stickin up for the lower end of the spectrum of people never new big tobacco ment more then gettin people working agin now im jobless and homeless agin…..

  • Sunny

     @c5fbddbbb25318b33703de8ffd952a13:disqus That sucks for you.  I had no idea what you were talking about, so I searched and found this article at the Daily Kos:
    Transportation bill includes apple for big tobacco 
    It looks like a certain senator from Montana inserted it into this otherwise must-pass legislation, so you might want to direct your anger there rather than Obama, who just signed it but didn’t negotiate it.


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